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03 Aug 2017

To Russia to Race

Thursday 3rd of August, 2017

Spending his final week in Japan, Shane prepares to fly to Russia next Tuesday to contest his first event as a Russian cyclist.

Shane leaves Japan having had his most successful season contesting the International Japanese Keirin Series winning his 150th International Keirin during his 6 month stint in the country.

As he heads to Saint Petersburg where he will contest the Russian National Championships from the 16th through 19th of August, Shane says he feels ready to enter the next chapter.

‘I’m feeling great in the run up to the Russian Championships, it’s been a very busy 6-month period here in Japan but the schedule and balance between training and racing has been good,

‘My time in Japan training and racing has been significant as I’ve hit a few personal goals that have been set within our Tokyo 2020 Olympic plan,

‘The journey is exciting, but it’s not one I face alone, I’m really lucky and grateful to have a fantastic team which includes my coach Vladimir, our Sports Scientist Alex my Manager Emily, my teammates and of course an exceptional team of sponsors around me support me along the way.

‘This year has been an exception to previous years in Japan where I’ve travelled here alone. This time round I’ve had my team here with me which includes my family which has all really boosted my preparation,’ Shane said.

Contesting the Team Sprint will the first event on the program for the Russian National Championships which will commence on Wednesday the 16th of August.

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