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14 Sep 2017

Sponsored by SkinGrowsBack

It’s with great excitement that Shane Perkins’ announces a new sponsor in Australian made and based company ‘SkinGrowsBack’.

‘Initially, I purchased a set of toe straps from SkinGrowsBack and have used them ever since.

‘When you’re pushing substantial numbers of watts through each pedal stroke, ensuring you have maximal contact with little to no movement in the shoe, cleat and pedal is imperative, particularly when the difference between winning and losing can mean thousandths of seconds.

‘I have a great team that work alongside of me, and that includes fantastic sponsors and suppliers, so I’m excited and honoured to have SkinGrowsBack as a sponsor in the lead up to this season’s major events,’ Perkins said.

SkinGrowsBack products can be found via their website: