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03 Mar 2012

Sneak Peak @ London Olympic Track

Home and recovered from the travel to the last world cup of the 2011-2012 track season. This last world cup saw us travel to London, yep exactly where the London 2012 Olympics will be held! We got a sneak peak at the village and it’s surroundings, i have to say it is very cool how close the velodrome is to the accommodation. It wouldn’t be anymore than 200-300m away making it very easy to get to and from the events. We also saw the BMX track mid build, the basketball centre, main arena, swimming venue and many others. It was a great opportunity for us to get a little insight into the environment come the olympic games within the velodrome as it was an absolute sell out during the world cup. The crowds did not hold back! We arrived a little earlier than normal before the racing started we usually get to an overseas race a couple days before but we landed on the sunday and had the whole week to soak up the environment and really get a feel for the track conditions. I was really looking forward to racing on this track! The first event for me came with the Team Sprint joined by Scott Sunderland and Matthew Glaetzer, we put in a good ride to come in third in qualifying racing off against Great Britain for the Bronze medal. We were pretty keen to get one up on the British but it wasn’t to be and they rolled over us for the Bronze medal, Onwards and Upwards for us! I had a day of rest as i wasn’t entered for the Keirin event during this world cup. So a little roll on my day off and a bit of training to keep the legs rolling on for the Sprint Day coming up! Sunday saw the Sprint start and it looked to be some exciting racing, i came in at 10.162 putting me in 7th i was equal with Jason Kenny but times were revised and i unfortunately dropped down a spot to 7th. I met Matt Crampton from Great Britain in the 1st round and my run in the Sprint competition was cut short. Matt and i collided as the sprint lane was free i dived for it we meet with my front wheel to his back wheel, i only just held it up, i tried my best to hit the breaks when i saw the door closing but wasn’t enough time i was coming at him with to much speed and we hit. Thankfully no one crashed his back wheel blew due to the collision and i rolled through to the line, i thought ok this will be a re-run as it was an accident but it was the decision of the panel that i be relegated meaning no more races for me! Just wasn’t to be at this world cup. All in all a lot was learnt and more work to be done leading into the world championships in 1 months time, maybe i’ll have more luck infront of my home crowd!!