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Hi Angus,

Thank you so much for your email.

It is absolutely Fantastic that you have got involved with Track Cycling.

I wish you all the very best in your future Aspirations and always remember to
"Follow your dreams"

Yours Gratefully
Shane Perkins
Hi Bartek

Thank you for your email.

It all depends on when your racing in the year. In the off season you of course want to work on building a solid foundation to work from when you start getting more specific closer to the season starting. if you dont have a good base to work from then the foundations will not support what you are needing to work on in the specific phases to develop speed and power.

It sounds like you have a good understanding of training from what you have sent me below. what you need to look at is what your goal is, once you know this you can work backwards from your goal date and run through the phases and targets you want to hit at certain stages through the year.

I can honestly say their is no blueprint for track sprinting it is all very individualized as everyone has different builds and strengths and weakness.

What you need to do is find out what works for you over several months and something you believe in also.

Hope that helps.

Yours Gratefully
Shane Perkins
Hi Jim
Thanks for your email.

You can find all the info on just need to translate pages on your browser.

As for my races it would be great to have everyone along although i won't know what my schedule is until 1 month before the races are held. I will be in japan from April-September.

Hope that helps and hope you all enjoy japan when you come and visit.

Yours Gratefully
Shane Perkins
Thanks for the email I will be back in April but I won't know my schedule until a lot closer to April I'm sorry!

Otherwise if you can navigate the website you could see it closer to April.

Hope you enjoy japan.

Yours Gratefully
Shane Perkins
Hi James,

Thanks for your question. The gearing generally may change from the sprint events to the keirin as the keirin runs at a higher speed for longer. From qualifying in the sprint we would use the gearing that best fits our style and allows us to hit the maximum speed possible and hold it for the longest, put simply!

From the qualifying we may change down the gearing slightly to save some energy in the early rounds. We recover from each sprint race by rolling our legs on a stationary bike clearing the lactate. Of course there is a lot of work done in training to enable quick recovery from intense efforts on the bike!

Yours Gratefully
Shane Perkins
Hi Markee,

The gearing does differ depending on the event with the sprint and keirin events. Generally will range from 102-110 inches even higher for some other riders.

Thanks for your email!

Yours Gratefully
Shane Perkins
Thanks for your email.

I do roughly the following:

2-3 gym sessions per week legs.
3-4 Track sessions ranging from strength to speed
road 3-4 per week easy rides 1-2hrs total time

Hope that helps

Yours gratefully
Shane Perkins
Hi Malcolm,
Thank you for your email.

Sounds like your son has some great potential in cycling and please wish him all the best from me.

I assume the nationals you mean will be in Melbourne held at DISC. I would love to have been there to offer some advice and meet your son but I am currently based in adelaide in the lead up to the World championships and also in sydney for a camp so I won't be able to catch up with him.

Please tell him this. No matter what don't take things to serious please do your best but remember to enjoy and love what you are doing try to enjoy the talent you have and enjoy your early cycling career, there will be plenty of time when you become a senior cyclist to enjoy the serious side of cycling! Don't be in a hurry let you talent blossom naturally :-0

All the best and let me know how he goes come nationals!

Yours Gratefully
Shane Perkins
Hi Ken,

Thanks for reading and the great feedback. I will look at the next couple articles coming up and see what we can come up with. Thanks again for your feedback and your support for the olympic and world championships!
Hi Damien,

I am doing great thanks for asking! Ok so firstly you need to make sure you are eating the right foods before we look at supplements, make sure you are getting enough energy in around your training times in terms of carbohydrate. Plus plenty of fruit and Vegetables through out the day. In terms of supplements the following is what I follow:

Pre Training- Musashi Re-Activate Hardcore 30min pre
During Session- either Musashi E Electrolyte or Elevator through out session
Post Training- Musashi Nourish and Musashi Create as soon as finished and 15min after Ingesting amino acids Musashi NForce protein with added in Protein Plus for the carbohydrates.

Hope this helps you out. As for training wheels i personally use Velocity rims 32 hole, tied and soldered spokes, shimano Hubs I find these very stiff and I have had them for a very long time!
Hi Luke,

The general cadences that we hit during a sprint race or Qualifying is between 150rpm and 165rpm. It is a fairly large range but it is all dependent on the gear choices of the riders and what they can physically handle to get up to that maximum cadence in a short time. the bigger the gear the harder it is to get up to the higher cadences so you need to find the gear and cadences that fit you best for the fastest result.
Hi Nicolas,

What i remember is that I was in there position at some point in my career when coming up through the ranks and it is a very daunting experience racing your more experienced opponents sometimes even your idols. Naturally up and comers have questions and want to learn about the sport and improve themselves. I have been fortunate to have some success in the sport so it is part of that success that you give back to the sport and help or pass on advice to those that have questions.
Thanks for your question Keith. Yes a lot of ups and downs in sprint cycling, i am lucky that i have supportive and positive people around me. I have built a great relationship with people that know me well and sport and I lean on them when i need help with things. I think the hardest thing to do is realize that you are having a hard time and then taking the steps to work your way through why you are and putting in place a plan to overcome these things. Planning is the best way to overcome things that may pop up and also experience pays for itself tenfold I think! We never stop learning so it is always hard to plan ahead but we do the best we can to cover all the bases and work hard to create a good environment to train in and around!
Great question Pete. Some time before the race itself I will have prepared my tactics and gone through a plan with my coach. Once waiting for the start of the race I am cool calm and collected, I try to have nothing running through my mind. I have confidence knowing that I have my plan and I am going to go and execute that plan.
This is a question I haven't had before. The reason for the gym is for rehab/injury prevention and strength and power work to be converted to the bike. I would say there are stages when gym is a higher priority than track and vice versa at times throughout the year. Looking over my programs I would say percentage wise we would do 70% Track/Bike to 30% Gym work.