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Welcome to my nutrition page!

Nutrition has always interested me from early on in my career as a cyclist so I want to share with you what I eat on a daily basis.

It provides the nutrients I need to keep my body running at optimal and it also is one of the most important factors in living a health lifestyle of course along with being active and having a positive mindset.

The food we put into our bodies can enhance all these aspects as food is our natural medicine.

I hear you ask why do I choose to add supplements into my plan? Put simply I want to be sure I am getting all of my micro-nutrients to support my body and my athletic goals.

I can obtain most of it from my food yes, but many of our foods now are very degraded and don’t contain the amounts of micro-nutrients from what they once were.

We spend a lot of our lives sleeping, being active and eating.

Eating is a huge part of our life so I want to be sure to provide my body with the best nutrients and set an example for my family early on in their young lives.