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Shane is proud to be an Ambassador
for the Livin Organisation

Our Vision = Community, connection, hope, and help will replace silence. “It Ain’t Weak to Speak”. Healthy LIVIN = Healthy Mind.

Our Mission = LIVIN® (Top Livin ABN 46 600 787 513) is a registered charity, not-for-profit organisation that was founded to wipe out the stigma on mental illness and raise awareness for suicide prevention. Unlike other charities in the mental health space, past and present, LIVIN use apparel, mainstream media and profiles to make this change and get people talking about mental health. This strategy is perfectly aligned in our core target demographic and by implementing the mission, vision and values, we believe we can change the way people understand and interpret mental illness.

We want people to own their mental illness and to be empowered by who they are not by what they have. We plan to organise and host annual 24 hour events throughout Australia along with pushing our mantra #itaintweaktospeak. Our ideas behind this are simple. The more people that talk and accept mental illness for what it is, the more comfortable and confident people will feel about seeking help and finding hope. As long as you are speaking you are never alone.

We are developing various programs in different fields to empower and motivate people that “it ain’t weak to speak”. We want to help people share their stories. We want people to own their lived experiences. Stories are an invaluable way of telling someone where you have been and we believe this journey needs to be heard so people find hope when they need it most.

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Shane is proud to be an Ambassador
for the Tee-Up for Kids Foundation

The Tee-Up for Kids Foundation believes through golf we can assist severely traumatised children to lead a fulfilling life.

The Foundation believes that golf is a great leveller in sport and in the development of people. Golfers know that one shot can bring about a change in your personality and demeanour.

Therefore, ‘one shot’ at an opportunity could help change hurt, angry, untrusting and disengaged kids become positive members of our community.

Through the support and generosity of the golfing fraternity the Tee-Up for Kids Foundation helps children and young people living in care in Victoria to overcome social disadvantage and achieve their full potential.

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