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14 Sep 2013

Japanese Keirin Aug -Sept 2013

So since my stint chasing points for UCI qualification in Malaysia and Adelaide, I headed back to Japan to finish off my racing schedule in the Japanese Keirin Circuit.
Once landing back in Japan in July, the very next day I was in Hiratsuka handing my phone and laptop over to the keirin track staff and having a health and big check, followed by presenting to the media for comments on the followi…ng days race – as the schedule always goes.
Hiratsuka was a big change from racing in Adelaide as there I had my carbon bike, wheels and was on the wooden boards of the superdrome, in Japan I had my specially made steel frame, with what we would call our training wheels back home of which are race wheels in Japan.
My first keirin of the second half of the year kicked off great and I had a perfect victory for the three nights of racing three wins from three starts, which was more memorable because I had Scott Sunderland in the race with me where he came in second in the final.
From my first start in the second half, to my final race coming up, I’m really looking forward to capping my time off in Japan with a win in the Nagoya final. I have had a great run winning 11 of my last 12 starts (the twelfth being a second place) so I have carried what work I had done in Adelaide to Japan with me and its paid off with some good form for the remaining races.
It will be bitter sweet this last race, as its the last and I get to come back home and see my beautiful family, but also I will have to leave wonderful Japan and the many friends I have made here over the past four times I have been to Japan (2009,2010,2012,2013).
Not to mention the busiest time of my time here, with all the packing going, I’ve been very lucky to be part of the Australian sprint team for many years and most of that work is done by the great staff involved to let concentrate 100% on riding our bikes.
In Japan I’m my own manager, athlete, trainer etc but it has taught me so much and I look forward to regaining another contract to my second home Japan!